Asset Management

As an active asset manager, we use our knowledge and experience across public and private markets worldwide to develop bespoke multi-asset solutions for both retail and institutional clients through our licensed entities*. Our investment products are:

Cross Border

Cross Border Products


We offer RQFII, QFII, and cross border M&A funds to increase investor choices and access to these markets, addressing market appetite for cross-border investment opportunities. We are committed to providing our clients with good integrated cross-border financial services through close cooperation with the parent company in the Mainland of China.

Public Mutual Funds

Public Mutual Funds


Our public fund platform provides a range of unit trust, covers different asset classes, to develop a well-balanced and diversified portfolio for public and institutional investors for the Asia-Pacific region, especially in the Greater China region.

Private Funds

Private Funds


Tailored for high-net-worth and institutional investors, our private funds creates exclusive investment opportunities with leveraged bond funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, and structured notes, regardless of the market sentiments.

Personal Wealth

Personal Wealth Management


Pursuing a customer centric approach for financial institutions, business organizations, high net worth individuals, capital investment entrants and other different types of customers, we tailor medium to long-term wealth management recommendations to cater for every customer’s specific investment needs and objectives.

* SHK Fund Management Limited